OCEANS The Mer-ification

- Oceans Level One Practitioner Course

Join JMA for a Journey into the Ocean, Cross the Sands of Time, Drift through the Life-giving Song of the Breaking Waves and Flowing Tides out past the ever-wise Networked Communities of Corals, and Evolve under the Guidance of the Ancient Nun Te Ku Ba into the Sacred Depths of the Stillness that is our Completion. Let us be a guide to your ‘Mer-ification, your Reunion with the Oceans of your World, its Creatures, Ways and Blessings. 

Nun Te Ku Ba, is an Ancient term for the Greatest teachers of our Oceans, it translates roughly to, ‘Living Beauty of the Spiritual Sea”. When Justin Moikeha Asar(JMA) facilitated the Ancient Hidden meanings and Voices of these great beings back to Humanity in 2013, it was one of his most memorable events, merging his two Loves; The Ocean and the Evolution of the Human Spirit. In Oceans we journey with you further into that merge covering every aspect of the Oceans and there Life Forms and making it all a Tool for Healing, Evolution and Change, prepair to make room in your life for the secrets of the Worlds Oceans.

Only taught live once at the end of 2019 when its final manufacturing processes were rudely interupted by the Covid-19 Virus that saw JMA drop everything to create an anti-viral response( TLC VS-Series) there were and at the time of writting this, still a few of loose ends with this course. But anyone that experianced it in person would attest to the amazing journey that it is. Perhaps it was a little ahead of its time anyway. The Online version of Oceans is set to become one of our most powerful and direct links to the Pure Emotional side of Nature avalible, something that falls directly inline with our rush for Emotional Evolution as a Race.

Due for an Online Release in June/July 2021

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To be ‘Mer’, we must listen, Feel and know the secrets of the Ocean and truly become one with our own Personal Inner Oceans. The Nun-Te-Ku-Ba are our most prized Teachers and Guides, perhaps even more so than our beloved Deities, our Gods and our Goddesses. By Oceanic 'Mer-ge' or ‘Mer-ification’ every feeling is allowed and felt, life flows and change occurs as necessary, we are part of the Flow, no longer trying to create or manage our world, just simply flowing in it. This is the Ancient and Forgotten way of the Mer-women and Mer-men, whom still to this day, remain forever hand fast to the Oceans. You will come to see, there is but one Feeling, One Emotion and One Path; To Accept, Acceptance precedes all Peace, Harmony and Love.” -JMA (2013 -Nun Te Ku Ba)

The Oceans Level One Practitioner Course

Dear friends and Sacred Ohana, prepare yourselves for a journey deep into our ‘Oceans’. This course is like no other as we set sail into the Ocean’s Greatest Secrets, Ancient Names and Roles, Pathways for Human Union and Healing and open up to the Messengers beneath the waves that have come forward to aid Humanity with their timeless wisdoms. Prepare to receive the Oceans, on all levels; Realize the Oceanic pathways of Healing and Growth; Ride the Tides, the Waves and the Sea Winds; Open to Oceanic Pulse and Breath and let it be one with yours; Conduct, Receive and Allow the Great Oceanic Blue Cycle into your life; Create a place in your heart for the Great Messengers who dwell within and beneath the Waves. This is your opportunity to become versed in the Unconditional Emotional ways of ‘Mer’ and merge with your Blue Planet. These are the New Ways of our World, a World of Pure Emotion, Truth and Flow.

As with so many of our courses JMA has created a powerful toolbox of amazing Oceanic Pathways for Healing, Evolution and Change so you can spread your new skills on to others and aid them back to the Flow of the Oceans.

Upon completion of the Oceans course, you are a Qualified Oceans Practitioner and the Oceans Stock Set and its many Healing amazing Tools become available to you.

Image;- JMA Australian National Bodyboarding Champion and Author of this Course giving thanks after another perfect ride in the remote Mentawi Islands of Indonesia.

A brief description of some of the course contents.

-Great Teachers of the Oceans the Nun-Te-Ku-Ba.  (Remember, the original information is all available on our amazing DVD, by Blue Angel Publishing, ‘The Nun-te-ku-ba’) you can Click to check it out here.

  • -The Humpback Whale (The Soul Singer),
  • -The Blue Whale (The Journey Maker),
  • -The Beluga Whale(The Guide to Living with Light),
  • -The Dugong(The Faith Maker),
  • -The Whale Shark(The Emotional Warrior),
  • -The Dolphin(The Healer)
  • -The Great White Shark(The Protector of Power)
  • The Manta Ray (The Translator)
  • The Seal (The Playmaker),
  • The Turtle (The Beloved)
  • The Narwal (The Historian)
  • The Octopus (Guard of the Sacred Flames)
  • The Orca/Killer Whale (The Transcendent One)
  • The Crocodile (The Custodians of Courage)

-The 14 NEW Nun Te Ku Ba Stock Remedies and Working with them for Self and Others.

-Manufacturing the NEW Nun Te Ku Ba remedies.

-Adding the NEW Nun Te Ku Ba Stock to other Liquid Crystals, Star Child Directives and Liquid Trees.

-On the Beach- The Sacred Sands, Libraries of Healing

-The Nature of Sand and the Beaches of the World - Facts, Figures, Formation and Creation.

-Lessons of the Sands. ‘The results of War always carry its Solutions and Echo the Pathways and the importance of Peace.’

- The Spiritual and Healing attributes and associations of our Planets Sands.

-The 7 New Sands of Peace Stock Remedies. Pathways through the confusions of Earthly Battles. Healing and the Manifestation of a life of Peace.

-The 7 NEW -Sands of Peace- Stock Remedies and Working with them for Self and Others. What, Why and How. -Imagine a beautiful collective body of information regarding the battles fought between an Emotional and Physical world then infuse the ability to isolate that to each level of Consciousness, in short, if there is conflict at any level, the Sands of Peace will have the Solution.

-Manufacturing the NEW Sands of Peace remedies for Clients.

-Adding the NEW Sands of Peace Stock to other Modalities.

In the Oceans;-

-The Seven Oceans of the Blue Planet. The facts and figures.

-The Spiritual and Healing attributes of our Planets Oceans.

-Oceanic Storm Cell movements and Cyclic Oceanic Currents.

-The 7 Oceans collectively are our Planets Physicalized Emotional Body, discover what this means for Humanity and your Role in the Journey.

- Oceanic Healing and Embodiment.

-Discovering Our Inner Oceans and working with them for healing. Including;- Linking the Earths Oceans to our Oceans for Healing and Growth.

-The Seven Seas of Old.- What, where, why and how?

-Discover your Personal ‘Gift Ocean’ the Oceanic Body you are most connected to in this life and what that means for you. Using this wisdom to unlock your Oceanic Gifts.

- ‘The Oceanic Mer-ge’ a Powerful Initiation Meditation 

-The 7 NEW –Oceanic Activators - Stock Remedies and Working with them for Self and Others. What, Why and How.- These beautiful creations not only Link you to your ‘Gift Ocean’ for this life and facilitate the movement of wisdom from that great body of Flow into your life but also allow us to work with any Oceanic Body of Choice.

-Manufacturing the NEW Oceanic Activator Stock for self and others/and adding it to other Modalities.

The Way of Waves

- The Where, Why, What and How of Waves. Understanding waves;- Wave Period, Wave Height, Swell Height & Set Waves.

- Recognizing Set Waves, The Pulse of the Ocean.

-Swell Highways and the Effect of Global Currents.

-Surfing 101- Parts of the Wave and types of Breaks - Sand, Coral and Rock.

-A look at the Famous Break-zones around the world, the Big Lessons and Pathways of wisdom they offer up. Why is Hawaii so special?

-Wave Refraction and Magnification, and what this teaches us about emotion and Healing.

-Wavesong and Breaksong- What, Where, Why and How?!

-Waves and How They Heal.

-The Break-zone is a War-Zone, discover how important this is, and how it may have even enforced a holiday destination onto you without you even noticing?

-Hearing and working with Wave song.

-Hearing and working with Break Song; the hidden and forgotten healing art of Surfing a wave.

-The Wave Song Attunement Activator.

-The Break Song Attunement Magnifier;- Magnifies and captures Break song from an area and expands it for 28 Days of Healing.

-The Wave Song and Break Song Stock Remedies and Working with them for Self and Others.

 Riding the Tides

What is the Tide, what causes it and how does it happen? (Basic)

-The forgotten Powers of the Tide. – Learning how to work with the flow of tidal movement.

-The NEW Tidal Attunement Activators. Harnessing the Moon.

-The High too Low Tidal Activator - Clearing, Removal and Healing - The Waning Moon.

- The Low too High Tidal Activator - Manifestation, Creation and Growth- The Waxing Moon.

-The NEW Tidal Attunement Activators Stock Remedies and Working with them for Self and Others.

The Living Ocean Web - The Corals and their Messages, Healing Pathways and Directives.

-Coral Facts, What, Where, and Why.

-The Roles of Coral for the Ocean and Humanity.

-The Tree Types of Coral Reef (Barrier, Fringe and Atoll)

-Corals and their basic Directives.- The Web of Life, Trust, Faith, Community, Connection, Stability, Protection and Shelter.

-The 7 NEW Coral Remedies – What Why and How? 

-Elkhorn Coral – (7)

-Staghorn Coral –(6)

-Blue Coral- (5)

-Brain Coral –(4)

-Table Coral – (3)

-Pillar Coral – (2)

-Red Coral–(1)

-The NEW Coral Stock Remedies and Working with them for Self and Others.

'Simply put, Sand is the product of an endless War between Water and Earth, the pure Fluidity and Emotionality of the Ocean and its Conflict with the limitations of Physicality. Each Emotion requires thousands perhaps millions of physical representations, each are potentials and possibilities, the Beach is simply a Field of Dreams, reminding us of our Endless Nature.’ – JMA - On Sand –‘Oceans’

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