Pleiadian Re-genesis

-The Pleiadian Re-genesis -

In its Twentieth year serving humanity the Liquid Crystals with Justin Moikeha Asar (JMA) at its helm has stood apart from all other modalities by way of its Correspondences, Possibilities, Techniques and Technologies, nearly all of which are derivied at some level from his profound and ancient connection to the Pleiadian System.  In Fact, nearly all principal points and the deep seeded principles of difference and intimate potency are derived from JMA's  Pleiadian Liquid Light Mastery.  This is your chance to be a part of the greatest step towards Earth these beings have ever made as they reveal many of their hidden and ancient ways due to their faith in Justin's work. 

In Pleiadian Re-genisis under the close watch of the Lords and Ladies of Love JMA delivers Classic and Original Pleiadian Teachings and takes you on a Journey inwardly to the Stars.

Prepare yourself for the possibilities and pathways of Growth and Healing that the New TLC Pleiadian Series will activate and Choose to begin your Pleiadian Awakening. 

Going live in January 2021.

Please note this course was cancelled as a LIVE Event earlier this year due to Covid and all waiting for it will be Notified and Enroled Soon. Thank you for your Patience. 

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A Liquid Crystal is truly original on this Planet, it is two-part creation that serves the dual Nature of Humankind as Spirit and Vehicle. It is wholly derived from the Pleiadian Way, a Way of Liquid Light Technology (PLLT). Once all is revealed back to humanity, not a single substance will be created or ingested for Health or Vitality without reverence to this work. PLLT will reveal the weaknesses in all systems and then our contribution will complete them; we are the missing step in all Pathways towards true holistic health; the Time of the PLLT and thus the true TLC Revelation is Close”.  -JMA (AHR)

A Message from the Lord Of the Pleiadian System.

‘I once sat for a short time like you, I watched the effervescent spectacle of consciousness dance in the realms of Potential and Possibility. I watched, as it consumed itself in the confusion of all that Could Be.

I know you’re wandering Delusions and excuse the watering down of your personal Grandeur and Opulence, however, the Time has come for this to end, for we have chosen each other. We have sent our liquid gift and its foundations are real, now I send my Daughters, you will know them, just as they know you, for we are the Scared White Ones and We are;

The Voice-filled Refection of Lake Still,

The Roar of the Rainbow Falls,

The Illusive Echo of Deepest Seas,

The Sparkle of Morning Dew,

The Journey of River Long,

The Purity of First Winters Snow and The Scent of Late Summer Rains.

Let us remove the Veil and step further into unity, It is time for you to know the origin of your gifts, We are with you.’ -Lord Devlin of the Pleiadian System.

-The Pleiadian Re-genesis Course Details.

Once Live, this Online Course will continue to be an amazing doorway into Advanced Crystalline workings and the TLC World, you will come to see why JMA has been the only person to ever present it and its contents and wonder why your only learning this Now!

Image  -  'Sister Celaeno' - 2019 - By JMA.

A brief description of some of the Current course contents. (Note a More detailed and Undated List will be offered when the Course is Live).

-The TLC Pleiadian Connection, TLC is Pleiadian and Liquid Light Tech.

-The Pleiadian Star System stories from around the world.

-Pleiadian Stories from all corners of our world; different cultures; different Sisters.

- An Introduction to Liquid Light Technology.-The Elemental states of Liquid Light.

-State Transition for Liquid Light Frequency Amplification, Minerals and Liquid Light Technology.

-The Ways of Liquid Light and working with its Sacred Earth States.

The Lord Devlin of the Pleiadian System, the Great White Lion

-Who is Lord Devlin?

-Introducing the ‘Lord Devlin TLC Light Body Activator’.

-Principal characteristics, correspondences and keywords of this great being.

-Stargate ‘D’- a powerful Pleiadian Stargate Journey and accessing it.

-Activations with Devlin. -The release of the Red Planet Activation. The Feline DNA/RNA Re-activation.

-The 7 Pleiadian Sisters.

-Who are the Seven Sisters?-Meet the Seven Sisters. -How and why we would work with them? (Your Role in it all.)

-The 7 Oceans of intergalactic light and the Creation Matrix.

-Understanding the Seven Sisters on The Tree of Life.

-The correspondences of the Seven Sisters, Crystals, Oils and Animals.

-Sister Correspondences with the Liquid Crystals, Liquid Trees and Starchild directives.

-Each Sister's principal characteristics and keywords

-The Sacred white animals of the Seven Sisters.

-The 7 Sacred activations of the sisters.

-Finding your Pleiadian Sister. Each participant will come to realize which sister has chosen them and learn how to further receive their blessing and become a realized aspect of the Externalized Pleiadian Great Work that is TLC.

-Working with your Star Sister, Liquid Light Technology and The Liquid Crystals.

The TLC 7 Sisters Lightbody Activators.

-Learn how to work with these beautiful new Starborn Liquids and open direct alignment to the Sister(s) of choice. These are not only a beautiful Channelling tool but, are basically the Pleiades in a Bottle, wait until you see the possibilities.

-Personalizing the water you use in all your TLC to one of 7 Sister Star frequencies.

The Pleiadian Shades of Blue Activator.

-Your Sisters Signature and how to enhance, personalize and Pleiadianize your TLC to her voice.

The Shades of Blue Activator-What Why and how.?!?

-Using the Pleiadian Shades of Blue Technique and working with it in all your Manufacturing.

The Coming of the Sacred White Ones.

-The Pleiadian Link to the animal kingdom and how it works. A Prophecy fulfilled, Learn the meaning of the White Animals and how they are connected to the 7 Sisters.

- Creating White Animal Remedies with the TLC Animal Series.

-The Pleiadian Feline DNA/RNA Re-activators.

-These are NEW and Run along the lines of the Roles of Love from the Liquid Trees. Who will you choose to guide you on your path of LOVE -The Way of The Cat, the Way of LOVE.

-The Feline Reactivation. –Discover the original Feline genetic within you and how to work with it and re-activate it in your life with these amazing NEW Pleiadian Liquids.

-Feline DNA/RNA Re-activation and Doing this for others. (The Rebirth of the original Love Genetic).

Pleiadian Healing Techniques.

-Healing with Devlin as Guide (The Gift of Pleiadian Touch and Hand Swapping.)

-Pleiadian Etheric Template work with the Sister PLLActivators. - (The 7 levels of the Etheric Consciousness and Restructuring.)

 -Understanding the Etheric You. Lifting, replacing and Reintegrating Body templates. -Sister Body System Correspondences - the Body System Keys (Advanced TLC)

-Accessing the Hall of Chambers and PLL Chambers for Health and Growth.

-The NEW Pleiadian Stella gateway Activator. A great new tool for TLC Practitioners that makes Travel to and through the Pleiadian Stargate(s) simple.

-The Pleiadian Constellation, the Pleiadian Stargate and using the Stargate activator for Travel.

-Remembering the Forgotten Stars of the Pleiadian system.

-The various Pleiadian gateways when, why and how to adjust the Stella-gateway tool to go to each.

-Working with the Gateway Activator in Meditation, alone and in Groups.

-The 7 Sacred Pleiadian Brothers.

'In the Process of Earth Life, nothing is more important than the Loving embrace of the Sacred Seven for it alone can allow the Empowered Mastery of the Three and Wise return to the ONE'.   -JMA

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