- The Starchild Directives Level One Practitioner Course

SCD 1 – Starchild Directives One

After being at the forefront of Crystalline Healing and Crystalline Spiritual development for many years it came as a bit of a surprise that everything that had been done was simultaneously and inwardly activating an additional Pathway, that pathway would become The Starchild Directives (SCD).

The SCD 33 Crystals arose from the Divine Arrangement of the original 77 Liquid Crystal remedies into 33 Set Triplets or Trinities that in turn manifest the Exact Frequency and Sacred Geometrics of 33 NEW Crystals dedicated to the New Children of Earth and their Missions or Directives. The SCD Level one Course is not just your chance to be introduced to and explore these 33 New Crystals as Remedies and Directives but also your chance to form a deep understanding of them so as to become a guiding light for children all over the world.

Prepare yourself for 33 new crystals that you have probably never heard of as many are in their baby stages of work with humanity, 33 new symbols, 33 new doorways and the unveiling of a higher level of the Devic Kingdom, a level in service, to the Sacred Directives of the Children of Light, the 11 roles and missions of the Starchildren.

Due for a Major Release in April/May 2021

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There is no deed measured greater in the Heavens than that of Aiding the Young and the Helpless for to do so is to allow them to function through you, this is the True Definition of Service. That recognised, we must also heed that we can only serve to the level of our Learning and Knowing, as all the greatest of Human Failures stem from Serving through Ego and Untruth. Let's expand your Library”.  -JMA

The Starchild Directives Level 1 Course details

The outcome of this course is the ability to work with the Starchild Directives and the 33 Crystals within the modality in the manner for which they were created, to aid Children all over the world to Find Balance, Embrace their Directive(their Earth Mission) and by that knowing to Facilitate moving humanity towards Unity, Peace and Love. 

At the end of SCD I, you will be a Qualified Practitioner of the Starchild Directives and the 33 Starchild Crystals become available to you at a stock level so you can manufacture Dose Bottles for Patients, Loved ones and any being in Need.

The SCD Level one course focuses in on the Crystals as Healing Tools and covers all the basics of prescribing to Children in and outside of their Directive, it is a comprehensive course that is very much empowered by an understanding of the 'Tree of Life'. JMA takes you on a journey through the 11 Missions of the Starchildren and you will come to know the 11 pathways, recognise children on those paths and learn how to be of Service to them. 

This Image shows the NEW Starchild Directives Crystal Card for Adamite drawn by JMA, which is created from a Trinity of Hemimorphite, Rhodochrosite and Lapis Lazuli, you can see in this image how even the original TLC Oracle Cards can be combined to create the new Crystal Card. 

A Brief Description Of Some Of The Course Contents.

The Basics- 

• What is a Starchild? 

• Where do they come from?

• Why call them Starchildren?

• When did they start coming here to the Earth and why?

• The Atlantian Tree of life, its connection to Starchildren and its purpose towards Oneness and Unity.
Spiritual Evolution

• The Evolution of Spirit and rebirth of the Emotional Path.

• The Awakening of the New(?) Emotional Blueprint and its birth process.

• The Evolution of the Mineral kingdom. 

• The New Chakra System

Pathways of the Starchild

• The Starchild Directives-What is a Starchild Directive? 

• How do the Starchild Directives serve humanity? 

• Where do the Directives come from and what is their ultimate purpose.

The 11 Purposes of the Starchild (The Starchild Directives) a Detailed overview of each of these divine messengers. 

  • -The Earth Walkers 
  • -The Dreamers
  • The Directors of Form 
  • • The Vessels of Form 
  • • The Guides 
  • • The Messengers of Will 
  • • The Embodiments of Love 
  • • The Children Of Purpose 
  • • The Children of Possibility
  • • The Children of the Law of One 
  • • The Gatekeepers. 

• The Three physical expressions of a Starchild Directive- Lack, Excess and Balance.

The 33 Principle Crystals of the Starchild Directives. 

• A detailed look at the 33 New Crystal Remedies that serve the Starchildren into the New Age. This includes New never before seen information on each Crystal, its relationship, use and pathways regarding Starchildren. 

• The 33 Simple Purposes of the Crystals, 

• The first look at the 33 new Devic images. (These will become a 33 Card Deck that will be available soon that can be added if you wish to your original TLC Oracle) 

• Work with the 33 new Devic Symbols as doorways to a deeper level of the Devic Kingdom.

• Working with the New 33 Crystalline Trinity Templates and Using the 77 Base Crystalline geometric codes for growth and healing for self and Children.

• Activating the Lower bodies of the Starchild. The master 147 Crystal Trinities from the 77 base Light Encodements and their connection to the Starchild.

'The Children of Light have come to our world to offer a different way; a way out of the bondage of excessive mind and thought, their way is a way of Emotion, Pure Feeling and Being. The question is, can we allow their messages to be heard? Will you be their guide? If you have ever wanted to help the children of our world into the greatness they represent, this is for you.'   -JMA

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