- The Liquid Crystals Level TWO Advanced Practitioner Course

In the Year 2000 Justin Moikeha Asar (JMA) created The Liquid Crystals (TLC) Modality and in 2003 it was gifted back to the World  Via the level one Practitioner Course for the First Time. The Level One Course remains a prerequisite for TLC II where you are going to find many of the Core Practitioner Principles and Advanced Workings. If you haven't done the Level one Course you can have a look at it here.

The Advanced TLC Course Follows on from where the Level One concludes and has many amazing tools and Pathways the nature of which only someone with JMA's vast healing experience could create, including many World Firsts that are mind-blowing. 

The advanced course was originally taught by JMA back in 2004 a Year after launching the Level TLC One and it has been rewritten many times to accommodate Practitioners, JMA and the Modalities evolution, to this day is still expanding. Once Live, this Online Course will continue to be an amazing doorway into the Advanced TLC World and you will come to see why JMA has been the only person to ever present it and its contents. 

Our Goal is to Make this Version Bigger, Better and more memorable with the inclusion of Loads of original Video of JMA discussing the Ancient History, Concepts, Sequences and Principles. The Advanced TLC Course is where the attention goes from you helping others too you Advancing yourself, Submerging yourself in the Mineral kingdom and arising re-born. A Spiritual Event filled with Lifetimes of Practical Tools and Pathways.

Due for a Major Release in Feb/March 2021

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To the TLC Practitioner the human body is a beautiful dance of minerals that requires ongoing and constant self-awareness to hold balance and health, The Liquid Crystals is about finding gaps and imbalances in a persons mineral profile on any Level and linking it all back together for perfect Expression and Change. In short, we find the partner that is missing in the mineral dance of life and reintroduce them to who they should be holding close”.  -JMA

The Liquid Crystals Level 2 Advanced Course Details.

The outcome of this course is the ability to work with and manufacture The Liquid Crystals in a new and advanced manner, to gain both the knowledge and tools to create a multitude of innovative remedies not available anywhere else on Earth today, gifting the ability to treat the human body systems, Animal communication and healing, accessing new levels of consciousness through the Atlantan crystalline cities and even travelling the stars across the night sky. There is an abundance of possibilities which can be accessed through this course taking your journey to the next level.
At the end of this course, you will be a qualified The Liquid Crystals Advanced Practitioner and the Advanced Stock Level of 39 tools becomes available to you.

TLC II is a life-changing Course and with a long history of updates and Expansion, its conversion to an online format is an exciting time for the modality. The advanced course was originally taught by JMA back in 2004 a Year after launching the TLC Level One and it has been rewritten many times to accommodate Practitioners, JMA, the Modalities evolution and that of our Planet, a Journey that is still expanding today. Once Live, this Online Course will continue to be an amazing doorway into Advanced Crystalline workings and the TLC World, you will come to see why JMA has been the only person to ever present it and its contents and wonder why your only learning this Now!

Image shows -  'The Blue Rose of Truth' - 2019 - By JMA.

A brief description of some of the Current course contents. (Note a More detailed and Undated List will be offered when the Course is Live).

• The Systems of the human body; - Crystalline Keys to Opening and Closing body systems for direct healing –(The 11 NEW Human Body System Keys at Stock Level).

• The NEW TLC Home Grid Projector – Room isolation and frequency manipulation for Dosing Houses, Offices and Bigger areas.

• Advanced programming, Dosing and sequencing of Liquid Crystals.

• The NEW Trinity Configuration Enabler (Make Trinities in a single bottle) and the NEW Atlantian City Geometry Activator (Make your own Cities of Atlantis) from Stock level.

• The 21 Day, 21 Crystal remedy sequence for Ascension and Manifestation.

-Lifetimes: The Activation and Mastery of Past, Future and Parallel lives with the NEW Petrified wood Geo-activator.

• The Three Flames, Love Power and Wisdom and the Liquid Crystals.

• The 13 Color Rays and the Trinities of Color with the waves of Creation- Their use in healing and Evolution.Primary and Secondary Color Ray Crystalline Guardians and working with them.

• The Eye of Ra Sequence.

• The Eye of Horus Sequence.

• The Sacred Order of Crystals.

• The Cities of Atlantis and the Atlantian Tree of Life.

• The Crystalline Tree of life and Traveling upon it. –Crystalline Path Guides, Principles Of the Atlantian Cities, Entry and Exit Guardians.

• The 12 Crystal Skulls of Atlantis and the Atlantian way. 

Using the NEW Stock level Crystal Skulls with your Liquid Crystals; Every Crystal can now be a Skull.

• The Sacred Trinities of the Atlantian Cities.

• Atlantian Minor and Major Hyperspace work. (Traveling the Tree in Crystalline Consciousness)

• The Atlantian History and True understanding of being a High Priestess/Priest in the Crystal Temples and your role for Earth. The Ancient Grades of the Atlantian Way.

• Initiation of the 77 Light Codes. Anchoring the Crystalline body into the Physical body. What Crystal are you? Your Soul Crystal.

• Advanced work with the Liquid Crystal Symbol cards. Reading the cards, Layouts, past, present and future work.

• Etheric Geometric encapsulation for healing and spiritual growth with TLC cards.

• The Simple Conditions for healing of the 77 Liquid Crystals.

• Utilising the Symbols in Meditation, the creation of Devic doorways and full Devic integration.

• Advanced Devic Communication-Direct Alignment.

• The Liquid Crystal- Earth, Sun and Moon Trinities.

• The Lord of Time Trinity.

• Introducing the Essential Oil Counterparts of the 77 Liquid Crystals

• Animals and the Liquid Crystals. 

(The animal Totems for each of the 77 liquid crystals and how to work with them); Treating Animals and the 11 NEW Animal Attunement Liquid Crystals at Stock Level

'The Advanced Liquid Crystals Course is a profound step into the Ancient but Evolving Intimate Ways and Workings of your Planet. That which is often hidden behind the veil of consciousness, the Sacred, the Secret, the Pathways and the Connections unavailable except by Direct Lineage will be within your Grasp.  The Tools of Earthly Ascension are within these pages so that you may Evolve, Grow and Heal first in Service to Self and then to your Brothers and Sisters'.   -JMAsar

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