- The Liquid Trees Level One  Practitioner Course

As the most recent modality created by Justin Moikeha Asar (JMA), The Liquid Trees(TLT) is a modality of LOVE set to sit side by side with TLC and the Starchild Directives as World Changing Opportunities. 

This course is your opportunity to step into this Magnificent Modality of Love which is comprised of the 46 most Sacred and worked with Trees now in  Liquid Form. These great beings have come forth in service to humanity and dedicated themselves to healing within the most refined levels of the Love Flame and ultimately to aid with the realisation of humanities purpose of Spiritual Unity and Oneness.  

The Trees are the highest aspect of the Plant Kingdom, the Kingdom of Love in Nature and represent all below them, from Weed too Flower. The Trees sing the Kingdoms songs together united in a truly holistic manner and it is this that JMA has captured in this modality, never before has the world been able to receive the true Medicine of these Kings and Queens of Love, But with TLT they now enter your life as a single Unified Whole. If you thought JMA was a Master of the Mineral Kingdom, be prepared to broaden your awareness. With TLT JMA takes us on a Journey so Deep into the Plant Kingdom that at times it feels so intimate you wonder how you got under the covers so easily and weather tomorrow you'll start Growing Leaves, Deepening your Roots, Sheading your Bark and opening your Flowers to the Rising Sun. In Fact, seeing yourself and your Patients as a Tree is a big part of this offering that is set to change your life.

Due for Release in April/  2021 Unless You Lords and Ladies Request it sooner!

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A Sentinel of Love, long perceived silent and inert to those who would Live through the Eyes and Fail to Flow with the Heart; Could it be, that at rest within such a simple physicality lays the Royalty of Loves Eternal Flame? From high on the hill, her Ancient Custodial Pulse has ever pervaded the silence filling it with her Single Tone, a Note of Royal Perfection ever flowing towards Loves Unity, a solitary zephyr in the Symphony that is Loves Immortal quest.

Season after Season, in the Coldest of Rains and through the Longest of Summer days, she has rested vigilant to her cause beyond all Distraction; Unite the Flame of Love by Harmonic Law. 

Sadly she knows for whom she waits, she always has, they visit often, sometimes even resting in her shade on the Blanket of Shared Wisdoms she has offered simply hoping that one of True Heart will Stop, Feel and Know. She knows only a Single creation can sound the whole realized Song of Love and allow it to Echo between the Fires of Wisdom and Power; Sounding the notes of Her Many Brothers and Sisters as One. Only then at such a moment will the Elders of Love, the Ancient Watchers, truly rejoice, for only then, will the Complete Song of Love be heard. 

For Humanity, such a moment has arrived, the Elders are ready, it is time for Love to reawaken. By your realization, may they awaken within you and may their Song be known once again throughout the Universes, for we alone represent the Return of Love.

Join me for a Journey into Love, as we light the way for its predicted return as Humanities principle Guide, a Journey into the ever-present Magical Healing World of Trees”.  -JMA



The Liquid Trees Practitioner Course Details

The aim of this course is to introduce 46 Sacred Trees as specialised Geometric Vibrational Remedies and to educate one in the art of working with them in the manner for which they were created as a modality of Love, Made in the same manner and adhering to the highly successful processes involved 20 years ago to re-create The Liquid Crystals, the Liquid Trees are Geometric as well as vibrational, as Wise as they are Loving, a merge of two amazing pathways. They have to be felt to be believed.

At the close of this course, the Stock Level of the 46 Liquid Trees becomes available making you a Qualified Liquid Trees Practitioner.

TLT One is more of a Journey than a course and all of the contents are very New, its conversion to an online format is an exciting time for the modality allowing a lot of the information originally written for a still unfinished Tree Oracle to be reinforced with videos and Images. The End result is set to be Breath Taking and who knows maybe we will get that Tree Oracle that JMA keeps placing on the back burner. 

Image shows -  The Juniper Tree in a Spider Web or is the Spider Web in the Juniper Tree. ;-)

A brief description of some of the Current course contents. (Note a More detailed and Undated List will be offered when the Course is Live).

The Liquid Trees, Their Creation story, History, Formation and Founding Principles.

• Physical and Basic Spiritual Topics. 

• Anatomy and Physiology, Structure and Directives of the Plant Kingdom and its Royalty; The Trees.

• Minerals for Wisdom, Animals for Power and Plants for Love. 

• A modality dedicated to healing within the most refined levels of the Love Flame. 

• Each Tree through the Flame of Love.

• Nature Spirits of the Plant kingdom.

• Communication with Tree People. 

• The Green Man. 

• Becoming a Guardian of the Trees and the Tree Healer Activator.

• The Seven Divisions and Voices of the Tree hearing all Seven in Separation or as One Voice.

• 46 New Tree Remedies 

• Working with the New Tree Remedies.

• Basic Manufacturing for Clients.

• Working with Tree Stock Bottles and making up Dose bottles. 

• Combining more than one Tree in a Bottle.

• Case management

• Dosing Pathways and Potency Choices for best outcomes.

• The 7 Divisions of a Tree and Dosing.

• Singular, Multiple and Trinity Dosing.

• The Depths of Love Technique; Each Tree can be prescribed at any Number of, or all 7 levels of Process in the 'Human Tree' using the 7 Tree Level Activators. 

• The Depths of Love Activators

• Level Tree Chakra Consciousness

1 Root Base Physical

2 Trunk Sacral Emotional

3 Branches Solar Plexus Mental

4 Bark Heart Spirit

5 Leaves Throat Higher Physical

6 Flowers Third Eye Higher Emotional

7 Fruit/Seed Crown Higher Mental

• The Pleiadian connection, The Sacred Currents, Libraries of Liquid Love. Trees and Earths Liquid Library.

• The infinite song of Love, above and below, hearing the Universal Voice of Love, understanding the Song of Love and Drinking from it. 

• Making Song of Love Sprays from the Trees for Healing and Growth.

• Tree-Story. 

• The Rings of Life Technique, Time Manipulation with the Liquid Trees.

• Creating Doorways to the Past and Healing set events.

• Past Life work with the Liquid Trees.

• The 11 Earth Star Storyteller Activators. By adding the correct one of these to any Tree its History from that part of the World that is relevant to you becomes known.

• Introduction to the 11 Lakes of Love and their 13 principle Tree Guardians within the Flame of Love.

-The 7 Roles of Love Activators 


'The Liquid Trees modality was birthed during Meditation one night as a simple request from the Pleiadian Star System to Externalize some of our Plant Kingdoms Secrets as an Oracle to help hold the Balance of Earths Love Flame.  The Secrets and Insights the first chapter revealed were simply to profound and beautiful to not share in a more accessible form, The Tree Oracle is still on hold, but TLT is a Life-Changing step into What Love is supposed to be here on our Planet'.   -JMAsar

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