- The Starchild Directives Advanced Level TWO Practitioner Course

SCD 2 – Starchild Directives Two

The goal of this course is to offer the Starchild Directive Level One Practitioner more pathways to activate and to prescribe from as a guide for the New Children of Earth. The SCD Advanced Course truly delivers the modality as one of the most profound works in Human History, and as JMA said at the start of the very first Starchild Course,

'When humanity finally awakens and realizes what we were doing here today.... well they will have finally Awakened! I will probably be long gone by then, but I'll be watching so don't mess it up! This is for the Children so I hope someone here hears me today'.

Of all JMA's work, he would openly tell you that the personal preparation for the creation of the original SCD material and the 33 New Crystal Remedies for it took perhaps the biggest toll, its preparation including the actual Re-Birth of the Starchild Blueprint too the Earth in 2012 in Vanuatu was a massive process and a test of Commitment and Spiritual Cause.  Due to the huge shifts in frequency, some things just had to wait, those 'things' make up the SCD Advanced Course.

In some ways, the SCD 1and SCD 2 Courses should never really have been apart but after teaching them as one in a few  'SCD Master Class's' and later as 'SCD Synthesis' we think they are better this way whilst humanity catches up. If one truly looks, the Topics in SCD2 demonstrate JMA's expansion from the creation of the original SCD on all Levels. The SCD combination remedies and the Starchild Geometric Vehicle Activators demonstrating a New ability to work with, Program and manipulate matter at a different level to all other JMA Work. In fact, that jump has continued to fuel the work of JMA in all his modern works such as The Liquid Trees, Nun-Te-Ku-Ba, Oceans, The Viral Support Series and Now his finest Creation Nature-Sync. 

SCD II will always be a milestone in the spiritual development and evolution of not just the people of Our planet but the Planet it Self, become a part of it!

'You think it is amazing Now, Wait until you really get it! This journey is far from done'. -JMA

Due for an Online Release in JUNE 2021 or Earlier based on your interest. 

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There are actual checkpoints connected to the offering of the Starchild Directives material that can have you recognised as a Planetary Teacher on the Inner Plane, recognised as a conduit of a  'Divine Directive'.

It is here you are can be a Mother or Father to all the Children of our World”.  -JMA

The Starchild Directives Level 2 Course details

The goal of this course is to offer the Starchild Directive Practitioner more pathways to activate and to prescribe from as a guide for these amazing Souls. As such the Starchild Directives Level One Practitioner Course is a prerequisite for SCD II so check that out first. 

The outcome of this course is the ability to work with the Starchild Directives at a deeper level and your choice to practice at this level aligns you to the 'Starchild Planetary Mission'. There are actual checkpoints connected to the offering of this material that can have you recognised as a Planetary Teacher on the Inner Plane as a conduit of a  'Divine Directive'.   

At the close of this course, the SCD Advanced Stock becomes available to you making you a Qualified Advanced SCD Practitioner, your ToolBox runs far deeper than in the SCD Level One, here in SCDII you find the ability to offer Children back their Sacred Individual Lightbody Vehicles, accelerate a Peaceful, Calm and Balanced State with The Starchild Directive Combination Remedies, Include the Moldavite Liquid Skull and map Stargates, Earth Emmanation Points and Embed Emblems. Welcome to the New World!

This Image, Mt Taranaki, New Zealand, Starchild Directive One Major Emanation Point and home of  The Chamber of Unity Law.

A Brief Description Of Some Of The Course Contents.

Advanced gifts for the Starborn.

• The 11 Starchild Directive Master Combination Remedies, Healing and Balancing the hypersensitive Starchild and working with them to completion.

• The 11 Starchild Directive Emblems and working visually with them. These beautifully simple Geometrical images drawn by JMAsar, open, activate and remind the Starchildren of their true heritage and roles with humanity. 

• Traveling on the Tree of Life for Healing and Growth. 

• Tree of Life Triangulation for Balance and the Starchild Directives.- Design and implementation of child-friendly Meditation. 

• Directional and Spatial Visualization design for Stella Soul healing. This includes reminding Children of the art of Inner Movement (IM) and remembering how to offer it as a prescription.

• The Starchild Geometric Vehicle Activators. (SGVA's). Perhaps the most advanced prescription available on the planet, these Liquid Crystalline Remedies generate Etheric Geometric Shapes around the body of Starchildren offering a home here on the Earth like no other. These include Pyramids, Octahedrons and Star Tetrahedrons… fact...there are 11 Sacred Geometric Vehicles for Balance, Healing and Acceleration of Starchildren; One for Each of the 11 Directives. Including a USB Drive with images and templates to make your own paper shapes at home.

• An introduction to The Major Stargates of the 11 Starchild Directives and how to Anchor, Embody and Access them. This also includes the key Stars we Descend from to the flesh, Stargate best travel times and a true visual reference of the gateway in the night sky. An easy to use USB Drive is part of the course material and contains a beautiful image of each Star that can be easily worked within meditation practice by Children.

• Remembrance of the 11 Great Earth Emanation Points of the 11 Starchild Directives and the 33 Lesser Emanations that allow Triangulation of the Directive. You will learn how to work with them, Anchor, Embody and Access there gifts 44 amazing activations and Meditations. This includes meditations and activities for Starchildren to link to their roles with humanity. The Emanation Points are mainly Mountains or vibrational High points around the world that Sing the Songs of the SCD crystals and their roles, each contains a Sacred Chamber which is a place of Work via meditation, You will know their names and how to access them. 

• Learn how and when to work with the Family roles of the Emanations- Mother, Father and Child.

Starchild Tools and advanced Diagnosis 

• Working with Starchildren and the art of Starchild Diagnosis.

• A Detailed look at the Online Starchild Directives Tool and how to work with it.

• Creating an Emotional Intensity Ratio for your Patient. A new way of discovering the Degree of Emotional intensity a newly incarnating soul is subjected too using charts of the Global Emotional Intensity Ratio discovered recently by JMAsar. This allows direct understanding and treatment protocol regarding the actual Origin of the Starchild's path at birth and the correct Remedy choice.


• Putting Remedies together.

• Dosing and Remedy choice. 

• Programming the SCD Remedies

• The Moldavite Skull and its addition to Starchild Directive remedies.

'The Children of Light have come to our world to offer a different way; a way out of the bondage of excessive mind and thought, their way is a way of Emotion, Pure Feeling and Being. The question is, can we allow their messages to be heard? Will you be their guide? If you have ever wanted to help the children of our world into the greatness they represent, this is for you.'   -JMA

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